Subsystem allows collecting information about connections in mobile networks as well as in PSTN. Calls, SMS, MMS, data transmission sessions including services in roaming are registered.

Also subsystem collects personal information (also called ownership information), such as passport details, provided by subscriber when concluding the contract.

CDR files received from switches or mediation platform are used as information source. Supported are the main CDR text formats (fixed position, CSV), as well as binary formats of switching equipment vendors.

Ownership and payment information is received from billing and CRM systems of the operator. Billing / CRM integration is done individually for each customer.

The system is collecting the following information:

  • Time of service;
  • “A” subscriber’s MSISDN;
  • “A” Subscriber’s IMSI;
  • “A” subscriber’s IMEI;
  • LAC/Cell ID of A subscriber;
  • “B” subscriber’s MSISDN;
  • Other CDR fields (type of service offered, switch number etc.);

Queries are possible against identifiers of “A” and “B” subscribers (MSISDN, IMSI, IMEI) and base station. Ownership queries are possible against:

  • Subscriber’s identifier;
  • Personal requisites;
  • Business requisites;
  • Registration address;
  • Bills delivery address;