Spectr is a core application of Con Certeza infrastructure, being an entry point for users. The application offers convenient access to data collected via web interface or via control panel using binary protocol. The operation of the system fully complies with Russian legislation. The main functionality includes:

  • Convenient modern interface
  • “Machine-machine” access support (ASN.1)
  • Subscribers’ control according to various identifiers
  • Visualization of the collected traffic (web pages, e-mails, instant messages)
  • Queries against all retained data types
  • Internal database for query results storage
  • Batch queries
  • Queries with logical conditions
  • Reports in various formats (txt, xlsx, pdf)
  • Users authorization and authentication using login/password or USB tokens
  • Flexible access rights hierarchy
  • Protected queries log

Data retained from various sources is kept in a single scalable storage, based on Equator Server solution from our partner Coppereye. This solution provides compact data storage, linear scalability and rapid search.

Data collection

Three subsystems are used to collect all data required according to legislation.


Processing of CDR files from MSCs or mediation system, collection of calls, SMS and MMS information.


Processing of subscriber’s traffic and NAT/PAT translation logs, collection of telematics and data transfer information.


Processing of signaling network traffic, collection of subscribers’ location updates and failed calls information.


A complete set of solutions for lawful interception

Spectr products line covers all the operator’s needs for lawful interception solutions. This insures infrastructure homogeneity, decreases cost of ownership and simplifiers maintenance. The products fully comply with legislation requirements to interaction protocols, performance and types of the data retained.

Installations of any complexity

Our experience allows us to build a system of any scale. The biggest installation to date provides data retention in all regions of Russia with simultaneous analysis of 500 Gbps of traffic. Billions of CDRs and tens of billions of IPDRs are uploaded to the system per day. Storage period is up to three years and total storage volume – several petabytes.

Velocity, scalability, compactness

To store data in "Spectr" products line a solution from our partner Coppereye is used. This company develops unique storages, based on modern NoSQL approaches to data retention and querying. CopperEye Equator Server allows data access within seconds in a petabyte storage and linear system scalability with load growth. Optimized compression and no indexes usage make storage as compact as possible.

Commodity hardware usage

To retain the data commodity servers with internal discs are used, e.g. HP DL380, HP SL4540, IBM System x3650, Dell PowerEdge R730xd. Unlike the systems based on expensive disc arrays or specialized hardware/software appliances, this approach guarantees minimal price per terabyte and no vendor lock.

Advanced traffic analyses technologies

Traffic analyzers of own design allow to process data as fast as 100 Gbps in one node (1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE interfaces are supported). Special network cards used and scalable architecture guaranty loss-free operation. Network sniffers can process regular TCP/IP traffic as well as GTP v1/v2 encapsulation. Broad range of network protocols is supported (HTTP, FTP, WAP, mail protocols, various clients of instant messaging, VoIP). It is also possible to work with signaling network protocols stack, including support of BSSAP and RANAP protocols family. Besides, our solutions also use proprietary technologies for Netflow and Syslog collection from different vendor’s appliances. This range of technologies makes it possible to collect any information needed from mobile operators’ networks (2G/3G/LTE) or from BB operators’ networks.

Complex monitoring and professional support

Along with other solutions Con Certeza also supplies monitoring system based on Zabbix. Due to integration with lawful interception infrastructure it is possible not only to control system parameters (CPU, memory, discs status etc.), but also some application parameters, such as number of various requests and their run time. Automatic correlation of independent data sources secures lossless information collection. For all controlled parameters it is possible to set flexible triggers for notifications. Parameters’ change history is available in graphic representation. We also provide operators on duty and 2nd line support on customer request. This allows to quickly solve all possible issues.